General chiropractic techniques emphasize the body's ability to heal itself.

Spinal Correction
At Healthy Body Fix we perform spinal corrections that release the tension around your bones, allowing them to return to their original position and giving them the freedom to function normally. Dr. Wade use adjustments to make small corrections to your spinal column, bringing your body back into balance.
Healthy Body Fix will use acupressure to perform manual therapy that is used to relieve pain and muscle tension. Acupressure is performed using fingers gradually pressing onto key points around the body to simulate pain relief and muscle relaxation. The acupressure technique is used on trigger points within muscles and soft tissues.

Dr. Wade Davis is one of the only chiropractic providers in the western stateswho specializes in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, NEAT Allergy Elimination Technique, and Naturopathic Medicine.

Platelet Rich Plasma
At Healthy Body Fix we can perform Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy which is the name given to a treatment done to stimulate healing which involves injection of one's own growth factors into injured areas. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy can relieve pain by promoting long lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions.
NEAT Allergy Elimination Technique
NAET usesmuscle response testing (MRT) to confirm the presence of allergicreactivity. Once identified, the NEAT technique may also use spinal manipulation, acupressure, and/or acupuncture procedures to eliminate the allergy.
Naturopathic Medicine
Healthy Body Fix can use naturopathic medicine that uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself. It embraces many therapies, including herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and nutritional counseling.

Dr. Wade Davis recommends a Holistic approach to healing, which is the ideathat various systems of the body should be viewed as wholes, not merely as a collection of parts.

Holistic Medicine
Healthy Body Fix can specialize training in eliminating the three main stressors of the body. These body stressors consist of physical, chemical, andemotional health. Traditional chiropractors mainly focus on the physical aspect of the triad of health.
Integrative Health
Healthy Body Fix can use integrative health to promote optimal health and wellness, combining a whole person approach with evidence-based strategies to reduce disease risk by turning around lifestyle behaviors.
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